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Venice Travel Website
Website Design


This project tackled creating an identity system for Venice, Italy to help promote it as a magical place to travel to.  


Creating an identity system for such a major city has its limits because it must be recognizable and speak to the city and all it has to offer. The identity system utilizes architectural aspects that Venice is known for. In doing so, it helps to make it more recognizable and intriguing.       


Logo, Website, Postcards, Ads

The Venice logo had to be recognizable and encapsulate the city as a brand. One of the most recognizable attractions in Venice is St. Mark's Campanile. This attraction happens to be a bell tower, making it a perfect shape to replace the "I" in Venice. The colors of St. Mark's Campanile remained the same and the other letters are the green of its roof to tie back into the iconic architectural aspects of the city. 

The website explores all of what Venice has to offer. Ranging from the main attractions to places to stay at during your visit, it has all the information a tourist may need to know. The website is coded and the main pages are the home, history, attractions, and where to stay pages. Each page utilizes the same base layout but has some of their own unique features incorporated in this layout. 

To add to the travel aspect of Venice, postcards and ads were chosen to be the next deliverables. If someone is traveling to the city, they may want to send a postcard home to a friend or family member showing where they went. The postcards feature some of the main attractions Venice has. The ads were created with strategic placement in mind. These placement are the seat back tv on a plane and the luggage claim at the airport. The ads utilize these spaces to pull people into the city and welcome them into the city while giving them someone to find more information for their visit. 

**All copy and photos are used for educational purposes only.**

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