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Have Some Hoptimism
Publication Design


This project aimed to create a paper sample booklet for a paper company. The chosen company was French Paper Company. The goal was to show what their paper can do.



To show what their paper can do, a partnership with Hoptimist was made. Hoptimist is a Danish toy brand that makes little bouncing desk toys. However, Hoptimist is not very well known, so this paper sample booklet will show both what French Paper Company’s paper can do as well as introduce the Hoptimist to a brand new audience.




The booklet features die cuts, pop ups, and gatefolds throughout to show what paper can do. These features also help show the fun nature of the Hoptimist. Who wouldn't want to see the little guy pop up off the page?

To add in another fun feature, on each page that has circles there are hidden Hoptimist silhouettes somewhere on the page! 

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