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The Lobby
Brand Identity System


This project was to create a hotel with some type of central theme to draw in a specific target audience. The central theme for this hotel is gaming and the target audience is gamers.  



What if there was a gaming experience integrated into a hotel? The Lobby was born from this question. The Lobby is a gaming experience hotel with gaming worked into every aspect that a normal hotel would have. The Lobby got its name from the lobby of a videogame. In a game, the lobby is where you wait to load into the game and where you wait for your friends to join into your game.  



Logo, Lookbook, Menus, Controller, Mouse, Stickers, Water Bottles, Website, Youtube Ad

The Lobby logo had to tie back to gaming. It draws inspiration from a controller. The logo utilizes two key components of a controller; a joystick and the d-pad. The "T" is represented by the joystick whereas the "L" is represented by half of the d-pad. 

The lookbook and menus both utilize game terminology. A circuitry background was chosen to draw back to the technological basis of the hotel. For the other physical deliverables, there were two options made based on preference. Some games game with a controller and others game with a keyboard and mouse. Likewise, some like water bottles with caps and some prefer straws.