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Ace Week
Event Identity System


This project aimed to bring awareness to a social issue. The chosen social issue was the lack of asexual representation in the media.


Each year, the organization Asexual Outreach hosts a week-long event known as Ace Week. Ace is the shortened name for asexual. This event not only celebrates the Ace community but also brings more awareness to the community. This project explores a new identity system for the event, including advertisement posters, event passes, and various merchandise. 


Posters, Event Passes, Ring Boxes, Book Covers, Keychains, Stickers, Bookmarks

Indigo Design Awards

2024 Bronze: Graphic Design for Social Change and Typography for Graphic Design

The design approach utilizes ace colors and bold, eye-catching typography. The typographic approach extends letters, connecting the lines of text and guiding the audience's eye down the page.

The deliverables were chosen based off of what would be needed for an event. Poster advertisements to draw an audience to the event, event passes to be given out to the attendees, and various pieces merchandise that could be purchased at the event. These pieces of merchandise are: rings, books, bookmarks, keychains, and stickers. The rings are a key part of ace culture while the books were chosen because they were written by ace authors and feature ace characters. The smaller merchandise was chosen so everyone could have a small way to remember the event. 

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