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Busy Bird
Toy Packaging


This project was to create packaging for a line of five products which were all the same size. The chosen product line was bird toys. 



The concept for the project was birds coming home from a long day of work at their various jobs. What would it look like if a bird had a job? Busy Bird explores the possibility of birds having different jobs. The house-shaped box was the chosen structure to help illustrate this concept even further. It shows that this is the house the bird is going home to after their busy work day. 



Toy Boxes

The Busy Bird logo aimed to be playful and fun as these are kids' toys. It utilizes a blocky typeface hinting towards toy building blocks that kids play with. There is a hidden bird in the "R" in "Bird" to add a fun element. 

The Busy Bird birds each have their own unique jobs and colors to go along with them. The jobs are businessman, baker, doctor, mailman, and pilot. The associated colors are red, orange, green, blue, and purple. Each bird wears attire and holds an item from their professions which are also color coordinated to them. 

The boxes have some fun features to go with the fun nature of the brand. The first being the die-cut windows. These allow the viewer to look into the box and see the birds. The inside of the box is designed to look like a living room since these are the birds' homes. Lastly, there are tags on the twine which inform the viewer of the names and professions of the birds.