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The City Camper
Camping Kit Packaging


This project was to create a 7-part kit of any kind. A concert camping kit was chosen. It would consist of camping gear which each would have its own unique box structure to reside in.  



The concept behind this kit was what items would people need to camp out on the sidewalk for a concert?  The City Camper was created off this idea of camping out for a concert while using imagery from camping in the woods to come across as camping gear. Every product in this kit can be used for both of these types of camping.  


Boxes for Various Products

The City Camper logo aimed to be retro to tie back into the brand color palette of mainly muted yellows. Camping itself tends to be associated with vintage and retro vibes, so the logo took inspiration from that. The combination of sans serif and script typefaces were chosen to match this retro feeling as well as typesetting them on an angle. 

The design style chosen for The City Camper is off registration. This style was chosen to showcase the dual uses of these items as both for camping on a sidewalk for a concert and camping in the woods. The overarching goal of The City Camper was to explore as many different structures as possible for the packaging of the products. The structures range from wrap around labels to a cylinder box. The more unique box shapes are a nod towards the items enclosed in those boxes. 

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