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Distinguished Dinosaur
Brand Identity System


This project was to create a brand of any kind and make an identity system for it. The chosen type of brand was a jewelry brand. This brand will aim to be luxurious while also being educational.  



The concept behind this brand was what if dinosaurs were fancy? Thus Distinguished Dinosaur was born. Distinguished Dinosaur is a jewelry brand geared toward high school girls who are interested in dinosaurs and learning about them.   



Logo & Brand Guidelines, Jewelry Boxes, Keychains, Brochure, Website

Distinguished Dinosaur has a set of 3 logos to use across different deliverables. The logo itself utilizes a combination of script and sans serif typefaces. The logo aimed to be elegant yet readable. the target audience of the brand is young high school aged girls, so it needed to be readable and appealing to them. The main logo is to be used across the majority of deliverables. The secondary logo is to be used in smaller places such as profile pictures. Lastly, the tertiary logo is to be used just for packaging. 

The logo consists of a combination of typefaces that emphasize elegance as well as modernity, aiming to gain attention from the young adult target audience. In the effort to make dinosaurs more elegant, Art Deco-inspired patterns were used across all deliverables. The jewelry itself is gold and to push the elegance even more, the packaging is made with metallic gold paper. The laser-cut keychains have also been painted metallic gold to match these aspects of the brand. 

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