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The Lobby

The Lobby is a hotel geared towards gamers. Why is a hotel called The Lobby when hotels already have lobbies? When waiting for a game to start, the gamer is sitting in what is known as the game's "lobby". This lobby is also where gamers can join each other's games. This sense of waiting for a game to start and coming together in the lobby of a game is where the hotel gets its name. The logo consists of two buttons on a controller, a joystick as a "T" and half of the directional pad as an "L". The Lobby has everything a gamer could need. From its gaming rooms to its 24-hour snack bar, The Lobby offers an epic gaming experience to all who visit. From the use of gamer colors and terminology, The Lobby appeals to its target audience of gamers successfully. Even the restaurant has game-themed items! The Lobby is a gamer's paradise. Through an array of deliverables, both physical and digital, The Lobby is brought to life. 

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