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Sci-Find is a concept for a line of beer for the Maine-based Timeless Tides Brewery. The concept of the Sci-Find Series is geocaching throughout the genres of science fiction. Science fiction has a variety of different genres that fall under it. The beers each act as a geocache that is found throughout these genres. The packaging of each bottle is designed with an illustrative pattern of unique and relevant objects to the genre being showcased. Each label also has type-treatment that is specific to the genre. The outer container consists of an outer box with an insert platform of capsules that can be taken out of the box. These capsules are what hold the cans. The capsules represent the geocaches that the cans intend to be. The capsules are uniform so that if someone were looking for them in each genre, they would know what to look for since they all look the same but have different contents. The design of the outer box aimed to be a little odd-looking but also futuristic. The box consists of a metallic coating and assorted lights to give it that sci-fi-inspired look. The lights on the top act as knobs to open the box. The front of the box has a graphic to show what is inside the box while the sides have handles to help carry it easily. 

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