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The City Camper

This project was to create a line of packaging for a kit that had seven different products. The concept for the packaging was to combine the idea of the camper that camps out for a concert with the camper that camps in the woods. To accomplish this, the kit consists of items that could be used to camp in the woods and also on the sidewalk. The items are a cone to save your spot, whistles to get your friend’s attention, a hand-held fan to cool you down, a lantern to give light at night, a poncho to keep you dry if it rains, blow-up pillows to lay down on, and toilet paper as a last resort if no public restrooms are open. 

The imagery on each package is related to camping in the woods, but the labeling of each item relates to how they would be used by someone camping for a concert. The color scheme is mainly shades of yellow because yellow stands out, which is what some people want to do while camping for a concert so it is easy for friends to find them. The off-registration style is because the items showcase the dual purpose of the different types of camping. 

Each item has its own unique structure. This is to showcase how diverse this kit is. The main material is paper. There is only one box with a secondary material which is a plastic lid. Paper works best for this kit because it is sustainable, and there is always a chance for garbage to be left behind on the sidewalk after a long night of camping. 

7 part kit process book_Page_1.png
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